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We are Multi Speciality and Veterinary Hospital preparing and boarding for your family pets. we consistently strive to deliver comprehensive medical facilities and patient care with the emphasis on exceptional client services.

The sheer joy, the boundless energy and the selfless love are almost infectious! Every animal lover treasures this feeling. We had this on top of our minds when we embarked upon the mission to create a top-notch facility, which could cater to the varied veterinary, grooming and boarding needs for your animal friends.


To Provide the Highest Quality Veterinary Care That Is Convenient and Affordable, Consistently Delivered Withcompassion, Intergrity, Dignity and Respect.


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  • Ravish Sinha
    "We have taken our furry family members to get care at Pet solutions for many years. To me, whether you are seeing a veterinarian because of sickness, to get checkups, or for preventative care, dealing with a staff that treats your family like their own is extremely important. This staff continues to do that."
    Ravish Sinha
  • Dinesh Kumar
    "Every time I come here for staff is understanding, knowledgeable, friendly, and wonderful with my dogs.Thank you, Pet Solutions, for putting my baby first and saving his life. I will be telling everyone I know to come to all of you at Pet Solutions! Thank you! And Aries and I are forever grateful!!!"
    Dinesh Kumar

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Have Some Questions?

1What are the benefits of having my pet spayed or neutered?

Spaying or neutering your pets can greatly reduce their risk of developing many types of cancer later in life. Spaying your animals will also reduce/eliminate the chances of your pets developing a uterine infection called a pyometra which can be a life threatening condition. It may also decrease or even eliminate unwanted behaviors such as aggression or running off. Spaying or neutering your pets is also the only way to do away with unwanted litters of puppies or kittens without placing an extra burden on animal shelters.

2How old does my puppy or kitten have to be to have them spayed or neutered?

We generally recommend waiting until your animal is 4 months of age to try to avoid any urinary incontinence issues from spaying or neutering them too young. We also try to spay animals before they have their first heat cycle because doing so greatly reduces their risk of developing mammary tumors.

3How do I know when my pet needs a dental performed?

Bad breath, inflamed gums, plaque and tartar buildup, and loose teeth are all of great concern when it comes to the health of your animal’s mouth. If you notice any of these signs, please bring your pet in for a dental checkup or schedule a dental cleaning. If your pet’s teeth are not in need of a cleaning at the time of the checkup, we can give you recommendations to help maintain your pet’s overall mouth health such as helpful treats/toys, teeth brushing, and other pet safe dental products. If your animal is at greater risk of complications during anesthesia, we have products that can help improve mouth health and remove plaque and tartar buildup without performing a dental cleaning.

When in doubt, call your veterianarian. It is always better to hear, "That's nothing to be worried about," rather than, "I wish we'd seen him sooner."

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